Pool fencing is important for pool safety. Every pool owner should have a sturdy fence around the pool to keep out pets or toddlers that might wander into the area. However, some pool owners do not like the idea of permanent fencing that also requires permanent holes drilled into the surrounding area. Often, it distorts the view and interferes with the natural beauty of the pool area. Fortunately, another option is available. Mesh pool fencing is a very popular option. Of course, it also requires drilling holes to keep it stable, but the mesh fencing is easily removable to reveal the beauty surrounding the pool area. In addition, the drilled holes are easy to cover. This semi-permanent type of fencing is very reliable and is designed to keep the family safe and very secure.

No Holes Pool Fence Option

temporary pool fence systemPerhaps, you have heard about the no holes pool fence option that is available for pool owner’s that would like to avoid drilling holes around their pool. This is a high-quality mesh pool fence that does not require any drilling. The No Holes Pool Fence is provided by Aquatech Pool Systems. The pool is the first of its kind and is revolutionizing the pool fence market. The finely crafted mesh fence is very durable and has a very sturdy base that is connected together and filled with water or sand. The fencing is quite secure and provides the type of protection that a drilled fence would.

The no holes fence is very easy to install. It is also easy to remove after emptying the water that is contained in the base. However, it is important to remember that storage space is required for the times that you do not wish to use the fence.