People are encouraged to use swimming pool covers for numerous reasons. One of the most important is reducing the cost of heating. Which means, the owner of the pool can save significant amounts of money on the family’s heating bills. Saving money on the utility bills is accomplished by the pool covers because they will help with the following.

  • Conserves water by 30% – 50% since they help with reducing the amount of water needed
  • Pools chemical consumption reduced by 35% – 60%
  • Pool cleaning time is reduced substantial because it keeps out dirt and debris

It is also important to note that there are several types of pool covers on the market today, and they include the thermal pool covers, the solar pool covers, and the bubble pool covers. Each of the following can be purchased based on the owner’s needs and preferences.

Indoor Pool Energy Loss

outdoor pool energy loss


Our Thermal Pool Covers:

  • thermal pool cover material compositionPVC coated tarpaulin
  • 100% stabilized polyester woven 20 x 20 count denier for superior performance
  • Coated and UV stabilized on both sides for maximum protection
  • The weighting for the edging is extruded black vinyl
  • The edging system has drain holes punched every 3 feet
  • Does not chaulk or flake


Differences Between Thermal Pool Covers and Solar Pool Covers

When a pool owner has to decide which type of pool cover is best for their needs, there are several factors that will need to be considered. For homeowners who are not concerned about the actual price, they may want to invest in a thermal pool cover. This is because there are many great benefits to purchasing the thermal pool cover, which includes they look much nicer, they lasts much longer, retains more heat and reduces the evaporation of water. On the other hand, for pool owners who are working with a limited budget, they will usually find that the Solar covers are also great for conserving on energy as well. The main difference between the solar and thermal pool covers is the solar pool covers are less costly. Also, if the pool owner chooses, they may prefer the bubble pool covers when they want to take advantage of an added design.