During hot days, the water temperature present in swimming pools tends to feel nothing less than ideal, but it is common for the temperature to drop significantly during the night. This prompts for a heating solution to be implemented on the swimming pool in order for you to feel comfortable in it, no matter the time of day or night. There are some people who opt not to do anything about the uncomfortable temperatures in their swimming pools due to believing that the heating solutions available would not do such a great job, but this is very far from the truth. There are more than a handful of heat swimming pool solutions, but it is important to highlight that only a few of them have been noted to function in a meaningful measure, which we suggest you take note on.

The Top Solutions Noted to Heat Swimming Pools in a Rapid & Effective Manner


When there is heat loss, it is not a secret that water temperature becomes colder. This is just the way our world functions. This loss is contributed to evaporation, hence why it is recommended that you consider placing shields around your swimming pool. There are many different plastic styles that have not failed in garnering numerous positive reviews due to functioning as promised. You just place them and leave them there throughout the year to keep the water temperature just the way you wanted, without having to resort to any type of other solution. Shields are very simple solutions to implement all on your own. An expert is not necessary, but this type of professional would be more than ready to assist in placing them in case you just do not have time to do it yourself. Contrary to popular belief, hiring an expert is not on the expensive side, especially when you do your homework, such as comparing experts in your area in order to choose the best option for your buck.

Gas Swimming Pool Heater

This is a solution that has always had a positive buzz surrounding it; nonetheless, when compared to other solutions, it is on the pricey side. Even so, we must mention that it is worth the time of day if you choose to use it occasionally. It will function and be more cost-effective. Gas heaters can be utilized, no matter the weather present. They are able to heat the water of a swimming pool pretty quickly, hence why it keeps being one of the go-to options on the market. There are instructions that accompanied gas heaters, but if you feel uncomfortable placing everything into place, it would be a good idea to leave the installation in the hands of an expert. This will provide you with peace of mind.

Floor Return Lines

Return lines can best be described as pipes that return the water back, commonly to the surface of your pool. Heat rises and thus return lines will return water to the warm section of the pool. It might appear to be a confusing solution, but this is certainly not the case. It is a simple process that does not fail in garnering desired results in a timely fashion manner, which is why it keeps being one of the favorite options available on the market. Just as previously mentioned, if there is uncertainty, you can always call on an expert to get everything in order for you so that you do not have to.

Solar Cover

This another one of the most popular swimming pool heating solutions because it is pretty simple to implement; nonetheless, there are times when you just want to leave it in the hands of an expert, too, perhaps due to having an extra-large pool and thus not wanting to deal with the application of cover. Just in case you were not aware, a solar cover is a large plastic that is placed on top of a swimming pool to place a barrier between pool and air. There are different colors and sizes available to meet every preference. Let us make it clear that a plain cover that you create at home will not get the job done as a solar cover that you purchase from a store. Unless you have a lot of experience under your belt in creating solar covers, it is best that you purchase it from a manufacturer who does. It is always better to prevent than lament.

Floating Blanket

If you do not want to deal with placing an entire cover over your swimming pool, you can also take advantage of floating blankets. These are thick vinyl sheets that were created with air bubbles. You just throw several of them into the swimming pool, and that is it. The floating blankets will get the job done, which consists of preventing evaporation from taking place and thus ensuring water remains warm, ready for you to dip-in whenever you please. There might be some individuals who might believe that floating blankets do not do such a great job when compared to one solid cover, but this is an inaccurate belief. When compared to a solid cover or another solution, it gets the job done just as well. It is just a matter of preference. As you know, what might work well for you, might not do much for another individual, and vice versa.

Liquid Blanket

Even though it has been present on the market for a few years, this solution has become a go-to option for numerous of people around the globe who want to keep their swimming pools warm, no matter the time of year. This is a liquid that is poured into the pool as instructed. A thick layer is created which slows down the rate of evaporation. Due to being a liquid solution, it has not failed to garner the interest of consumers. Even so, it is important to note that it is still available because it gets the job done right; thus, it is a well-structured solution with an innovative edge that has not failed in garnering curiosity and then a loyal following. It is a one-of-a-kind solution that stands tall.

Put Solutions to the Test to Make Adequate Selection

Due to the first-class aforementioned solutions, there is no excuse to not protecting your swimming pool’s temperature so that you can take benefit from it during any time of day or night. All of them have proven to function. It is up to you to decide which one of them all meets your preference in every aspect. If you can, go ahead and put them all to the test to make an adequate selection.


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