Swimming pools are investments that can be quite beneficial for the entire family in more than one aspect, so going the extra mile to ensure your pool remains in perfect shape for as long as possible is always well worth it. Extending the lifetime of your swimming pool to a significant extent is possible if you take the following proven steps into consideration today.

The Top Steps to Undertake to Significantly Extend the Life of Your Swimming Pool

Conduct Efficient Water Test

If you are not already doing so, you should test your water at least once a week. Ensuring that adequate water balance is present can keep your swimming pool’s overall condition in an ideal state for many years to come. Remember that just because your water looks clear, this does not necessarily reflect that your pool does not require a water test, as there can be meaningful chlorine in it or water could be too acidic. It is important to note that chlorine and acidic water have been noted to be quite harmful when they are at high levels. The perfect balance would reflect an alkalinity level anywhere from 90 to 110, a pH between 7.4 and 7.6, and a chlorine level of 1 to 3 ppm. Anything higher or lower than these levels could place your pool at risk of the unwanted.

Conduct Adequate Filter Cleanup

When a filter is dirty, water cannot easily pass through it, causing your pump to work more and thus begin to deteriorate little by little. To prevent this from happening, clean your filters regularly, preferably when the pressure noted on the pressure gauge elevates by 10 lbs. Remember that your filter cannot be cleaned with any solution you encounter at a store. Filters should be cleaned at least once a year with a chemical-based solution designed for this type of task.

Resolve Loud Pumps

It is not unusual for pool pumps to get louder after some time because of the degradation of the rubber seal that parts the pump’s ‘wet end’ from the motor. The noise you hear means that water is heading into the motor. To resolve this issue, get your pump serviced when you begin to notice the sound becoming louder. It is a simple matter to fix. On top of that, contrary to popular belief, fixing it is not on the expensive side.

Protect Pool with Adequate Cover

Several studies have showcased that swimming pools can be negatively affected by the sun’s UV rays. Implementing an adequate cover when the pool is not in use should be taken into consideration to prevent the premature degradation of it due to this type of ray. Contrary to popular belief, pool covers are not made equal. There are more than a handful of differences that differentiate one another. There are some that protect from UV rays, while others not at all. So, get your hands on one that does. Also, ensure both sides of your pool’s cover are cleaned with a UV inhibiting cleaner once a month to prevent and mildew buildup, which could greatly affect your pool in the long run.

Extend the Lifetime of Your Pool

If you take the following steps into account all year round, you can count on your pool to last for a lot of years. The sooner you begin taking care of your pool, the better it will stand the test of time. Go ahead and extend the lifetime of your pool today to make the best of it every time you and your family opt to put it to good use.


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