Having a pool is the easiest way to keep fit and stay healthy. No more trips to the gym. Regular laps and water aerobics are great for getting cardio and strength training all in one. The water’s buoyancy makes exercises and stretches more fluid and less strained. You get the benefits of a physical workout without putting excessive strain on your body or causing injury. When it comes to beneficial aerobic exercises for the pool, there are varieties you can try.

Water Aerobics Exercises

  • Leg Lifts: In shoulder-deep water, holding the edge of the pool for balance, extend your leg straight out to the side. Only go as far as you can, keeping your toes pointing towards the wall and your hips straight. Repeat this ten times for each leg.
  • Lateral Raises: In shoulder-deep water with your arms hanging against your sides, extend both arms slowly to the sides up to water level. Pause and repeat ten times.
  • Water Roman Chair: Go into the deeper water and float on a tube or kickboard. Place your feet together, bend your knees to waist level, pause and repeat ten times.
  • Water Jogging: You can do this in deeper water holding a float, or in shoulder-deep water. Run in place if you are not touching the ground, or make a few laps if you can touch the ground. This is more challenging in deeper water, so you can really test yourself once you get comfortable.
  • Water Walking: Water provides more resistance than air, so this is a better strength training workout than regular walking. In waist-deep water, with your stomach muscles tight and tailbone pointed to the floor, shoulders back, and chest lifted, you will walk through the water just as you do on land. Walk forward and then backwards to work different muscle groups. Your arms should be by your side and palms turned to press against the water as you walk.
  • Water Jumps: These can only be done if you have a wave simulator and are a more advanced exercise. You need to have strong swimming skills and balance to complete this safely. In knee-deep or less water, you will jump over each wave as they roll towards you

Using Buoys

Buoys (water dumbbells) can be purchased from any pool supply store and make great tools for water aerobics. There are several different exercises you can try with buoys.

  • In chest-high water with feet shoulder-width apart, hold a buoy between your legs with both hands. Bring your knees up by jumping in the water, holding on to the buoy to work your abdominal muscles while jumping.
  • In shoulder-deep water, hold a buoy in each hand and extend your arms in front of you, in line with your chest. Pull your arms back toward your chest, bending at the elbows. Repeat ten times and then rest. Do as many sets as you can for strong and toned biceps.
  • In waist-high water, hold a buoy in each hand with your hands parallel to your shoulders. Raise each arm straight over your shoulders, bring them back to shoulder height and repeat. You can add a little cardio to this exercise by jogging in place as you perform the arm lifts.

Exercises for Kids

The pool is a great place for the kids to get exercise too. Chances are they will find it more fun than regular exercise too. With obesity rates in this country on the rise for children, finding ways to get kids active is a challenge. Pool exercising just might be the best answer. Kids love playing in the pool and don’t think of it as exercise because it is so much fun. Playing in the water prevents too much pressure from being placed on their developing joints and bones, but still gives them a great workout. Come up with some new water games to play with your kids, like water tag, and get them active and healthy in no time.

Spending time in the pool is a great way to be with your family and you can all exercise together too. Having a pool is a great investment in terms of the value of your house and your health and well-being. Look into aerobic exercises for the pool for your whole family because working out has never been so much fun.

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