Many people decide to cover their pools for the winter months. Even if there is no frost or snow, cooler weather can damage pool equipment, and if the water is not in regular use, it can get filled with debris and leaves. Pool covers are the only way to protect your pool, protect your investment, and protect your loved ones when the pool is not in use.

The Kind Of Winter Swimming Pool Covers

There are several options available when it comes to pool covers and the choice will depend on the pool you have, the local climate, and your budget. The two most popular options are safety covers and standard winter covers. A safety cover requires more expensive installation than a standard cover, but when there are children around, the extra money and labor are worthwhile. Standard winter covers can be used for above and below ground pools and are easy to install. They deteriorate quickly though and need to be replaced every two years or so. When it comes to safety overs there are two main types; solid and mesh safety covers.

  • Solid Safety Covers: These are durable and long-lasting and are designed to withstand heavy wind, rain, and snow. They even block out sunlight to protect the water from growing mildew and algae. The man problem with solid covers is that you have to regularly pump excess water from it, as it will accumulate over time.
  • Mesh Safety Covers: These protect your pool from dirt, leaves, and ranches and are much stronger than you would think. They are held in place by heavy straps that stay firmly anchored all winter long. They can support thousands of pounds and because they allow water to flow through, you do not need a cover pump to remove water. They do not block all sunlight though, so algae may become a problem.

Automatic Pool Covers

With pool covers being one of the best ways to protect children and to keep pools clean, automatic pool covers are becoming the more popular type. The convenience of these covers allows them to be applied and removed much easier than manual covers. This means that even in the winter if the sun is out for a few days, you can still go swimming without too much hassle. The retractable covers are made of light-weight but durable fabric that keeps sun, debris, and children out of the pool.

Once automated pool covers are closed, they are very secure, so in terms of safety, they are the best. They are not the best fit for every pool, especially above ground pools, and those with unusual shapes. It is important to discuss the cover options with a pool expert before buying to make sure you get the right one for your pool. Automated pool covers are also expensive to install but last for five to seven years. In addition to getting a pool cover for the winter, there are other winterizing supplies you should invest in to protect your pool while it is cold and not in use.

  • Air pillows: these are perfect for above ground pools and fit under the cover to relieve pressure and protect the pool walls as water temperature changes. They also keep debris and water from collecting in the center of the pool cover.
  • Winter chemical kits: Special pool chemicals can be used to prevent staining, algae growth, and keep the pool water fresh until you are ready to go swimming again.
  • Leaf catchers: These are lightweight nets that fit over safety covers and makes it easy to dispose of piles of debris. Remove the net, dump the leaves, and put the net back over the cover.
  • Safety cover patch kits: Having a kit on hand in case the cover gets torn or damaged is ideal so you can patch it up and keep using it for the rest of the season. Any damage that is ignored can get worse and permanently damage the cover so that it becomes unsafe and unusable.


Call us today if you have any questions about getting your pool ready for winter and we can help you get the right cover for safety, pool protection, and any additional accessories you may need to keep your pool safe and clean.

Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe – Get A Pool Cover!