The world’s only trackless Automatic Pool Cover Reel

 auto pool reelOur Simple Touch Deployment System is revolutionary. The Auto Pool Reel® is the only fully automatic retractable pool cover system in the world that covers and uncovers your pool electrically. Accommodates practically any pool cover in the market. Simply attach your cover and its ready. Totally hands-free, trackless, self-deploying, self-retracting with no manual cranking, no pulling, no strings or cables. The patented system allows for simple push-button operation.

Accommodates covers up to 20 wide x 40 feet long

• Easy Installation
• Use Your Existing Solar Blanket
• Tracks are not needed
• Tethers or ropes not required
• Plugs into a 110 VAC GFCI outlet

Unit Contents

• Auto Pool Reel System
• 110v to 12v Transformer
• 26' Power Cord
• Tube Kit

Pool cover not included

Two Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

no tracksFEATURES

Can Accommodate any Pool Cover

The patented Auto Pool Reel system comes with tractor feed strips allowing for the use of almost any blanket or pool cover with the system. Once the blanket is sized for the pool the strips are easily installed, then the cover is attached to the roller system.

Automatic Deployment System

No more manual pushing and pulling on a pool cover. Just push the button

No Tracks Required

The Covers in Play Auto Pool Reel patented design deploys the cover on the water in constant alignment by using tractor feed edge guides. They ensure smooth and repeatable rolling of the cover on and off the reel and years of hassle-free service life.

Electrically Driven

With a simple push of the button, the Auto Pool Reel will automatically cover or uncover the pool. Low voltage motors automatically wind and unwind the pool cover on the main reel, replacing the manual cranking of older systems. All electrical components are encased in protective housings.

Safety Key

Added safety is ensured with the use of a safety key to power up the system. The electric Auto Pool Reel will not power up without it.

Edge Guide Arms

The Edge Guide Arms allow the main reel to sit back from the pool edge as required to account for any contour of the coping.

Easy Assembly

The Main Reel is made up of telescoping aluminum tubes that adjust to fit the pool width. These tubes are simply attached to the End Supports and ready for connecting the pool Cover with the tractor feed strips attached to the edges.

Auto Pool Reel Video


auto pool reelAuto Pool Reel is the world’s only trackless automatic pool cover roller system that covers and uncovers your pool with practically any pool blanket. Covers in Play also designs and manufactures automatic retractable pool enclosures, to enclose your deck and pool for year-round.