A new years party can be a great way of having a fun experience around this festive time of year and can be great for people who wish to to get together and celebrate in North California. In this article we will take a look at some of the ways in which to have a great party. We will outline some things to consider and some of the benefits that a pool party can bring.




Creating a fun environment is important at a successful pool party and one of the key elements is that of the music. It is important to remember to keep any electrical music players away from the pool as these can easily be damaged and can cause an electric current within the water. Keep the music flowing but keep it away from the pool and suggest having a dedicated DJ.


new years pool party


Many individuals love having a pool party to celebrate the new year as it can provide a unique way of celebrating with your friends and family in a way that they will not forget. One thing you will need to have at a pool party is drinks but it is important that you consider where the drinking takes place. It is dangerous to have drinks and glass near a pool because the glass might smash and the alcohol might make individuals do silly things which will result in an accident. To avoid this situation it can be a good idea to have drinks after the pool party or before in a controlled environment.




It may turn out that a lots of guests have the desire to come to a pool party so it is a good idea to have a guest list in place so that you can control the individuals who are at the party. Try and keep a small number of guests at the party and have a number in your head which you do not go over. 50 people is usually a good maximum amount.


When the pool party is over and everyone has gone home you can then think about cleaning the pool efficiently. The more people that you invited to the party, the more chlorine that you will need to add afterwards, so as to keep the pool clean for the next party!