If you have a swimming pool on your property, you need a fence for safety and privacy. The good news is that installing a removable pool fence will save you money, and give you a wide range of options to choose from. A removable mesh pool fence is, in many ways, safer than a permanent fence. For one thing, it’s soft and has no footholds for climbing. It allows you to keep toddlers completely away from the pool area while teenagers are using it. In addition, consumers are much more likely to use a removable fence properly, while they avoid using a pool net or mesh pool cover because those devices are cumbersome and difficult to re-secure. 



On the other hand, a sturdy removable pool fence with a self-closing and self-latching gate is almost like having a full-time lifeguard on duty.  The most popular and effective removable pool fences are constructed of aluminum poles and see-through mesh panels. Among their advantages:



  • Clear view of the water – the see-through mesh safety fence panels give you an unobstructed view of the water at all times, from any angle. This is crucial for poolside safety.


  • Peace of Mind – the dependable security that comes with a removable fence’s solid key-locking gate will keep unwanted guests away.


  • Keep Out!  – Unlike a pool cover or mesh safety net that permits toddlers to come in contact with water, a removable fence keeps kids completely away from the water. As well, the sheer mesh panels are impossible to climb, so rest assured that no one will be going over the top.


  • Tight fit – With a removable mesh pool fence, the safety fence is firmly attached to the deck with tight-fitting poles and plastic sleeves. That means a mesh fence can be contoured and adjusted to fit any terrain and landscaping  to keep every square inch taut and secure.



There are many other reasons to consider a removable mesh pool your best choice, including ease of maintenance and consumer-friendly price, but safety always comes first. A solid removable pool fence with a locking gate is the smartest way to keep your pool 100% safe.


Joys Of Pool Fencing